I first became familiar with Jade and Kyle when they photographed one of my best friend’s wedding a few years ago. At the time Sam and I were not even engaged so the idea of wedding photographers was far from mind, but even then there was something unique and beautiful about the way Jade and Kyle worked. They made every single person in the wedding party feel special. lovely and energized by what was happening that day. When Sam and I got engaged and started thinking about our own wedding, Jade and Kyle were top of mind of who to ask. We met for coffee before hand and talked about what mattered to Sam and I, what our story was and how we fell in love; about what meant the most to us and what a precious gift we were given in marriage. I remember leaving that meeting thinking how obvious it is that they LOVE what they do and how genuinely excited and supportive they were of Sam and I’s future together. I left even more elated than I arrived…and also wanting to be their best friend.

When the wedding day showed up, the same feeling rippled throughout every interaction we had. Jade made me feel so comfortable while I was getting ready, blending in and making me laugh when I started to get nervous. Kyle hung with the guys and photographed the little details that make up the friendship Sam has with his childhood friends. Jade and Kyle captured some irreplaceable moments for us—when my mom and my bridesmaids presented a book of letters to me honoring my Dad who passed away, when I saw Sam for the first time and was sooo much more of a teary mess than I expected with excited energy, when Sam passed around the whisky that is ceremonial at every big friend event, when our friends and family danced the night away, and every small and big thing that happened all evening. I remember looking over at one point in the night and seeing them dance together, giggling and so obviously in love—that is what Jade and Kyle capture, the poignant moments that bring photos to life because they feel the love themselves. I would recommend Jade and Kyle to anyone.
What Kelsey Says
Kelsey Buchanan - Bride

We were new to the area and looking for someone to take newborn and family photos after our youngest son was born.  Jade and Kyle were recommended by a friend. The photos came out amazing and since then Jade has done two more sessions with us. Every time we work with them, they are able to capture the essence our family.  Jade has a style of blending into the scene and captures the intimate moments that we never want to forget.  She is a true talent and the photos that she has given my family are ones that we will cherish forever.


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What Megan Says
Megan Stewart - Lifestyle Session

I cannot say enough about the impact Jade and Kyle had on my wife, Hannah, and I. You would expect paying a photographer to be transactional and impersonal, but these two are anything but. They work tirelessly from the start to make sure that YOUR needs are met. They are intentionally seeking to get to know you on a deeper level, so that your personality and identity are captured in your photos. For that reason, the pictures they take are more than just pictures, they are living memories that you are personally connected to. They take odd tasks like posing, and turn them into powerful moments between you and your spouse. They truly made our wedding day special, which was something I never expected a photographer to do. Words cannot express how strongly I recommend Jade and Kyle.

What Miles Says
Miles Johnson - Groom

From the bottom of my heart, Jade and Kyle are brilliant, genuine, relational, talented, and truly one of a kind. It’s the kind of thing where you would pay them just to have them around on your wedding day even if they weren’t taking pictures because they are just that cool and you feel like they have been your best friend for your whole life. Jade’s presence is pure peace which is exactly what I needed that day. The pictures themselves are dreamy, but sprinkled with personality. Jade & Kyle KNOW how to work with LIGHT…especially natural light. I am so thankful they shared their gifts with us so that we can look back in 20 years and be right back in that moment again. I would recommend them to ANYONE.

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What Hannah Says
Hannah Johnson - Bride
As a day-of coordinator, I see lots of brides, and lots of photographers, and I can say confidently that after the bride and groom and maybe one or two other people, the photographers are arguably the most important person of your day. They’re the people who spend the most intimate moments with you – your first look, or your prayers for each other, putting on your wedding dress, etc. They’re also the one of the people that you’re trusting to catch your vision and capture it for you. Therefore, it’s incredibly important who you choose, and how you choose them. Don’t choose a photographer based solely on their work, but also how they do their work and how you connect with them. That is absolutely what sets J&K apart (though their pictures are always stunning). I see lots of photographers, and I’ve never seen anyone take pictures the way Jade and Kyle do. They were our wedding photographers, and one of the moments that stands out to me the most from our wedding was our first look, and not just because it was the first time I got to see my groom. That moment stands out to me because J&K took the time to make it stand out. They let us be us, and Jade made that moment special by telling us to think about how far we’d come, and then what our future was going to look like. She reminded us to breathe, and to think about all the reasons we were choosing to marry each other. They became as much apart of our wedding day as our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and I could not imagine having anyone else go through all of those little moments with us. They take the time to meet with and get to know every bride and groom, and inevitably stay friends with most of them after the wedding, too. Also, an added bonus: as a DOC, I’ve worked with them multiple times, and working with them is a dream – your other vendors will thank you for having such awesome people to work with.
What Nicole Says
Nicole Fischer - Wedding Coordinator & Bride