Senior Portrait

kayla graduates OR let the wild rumpus start...but FIRST, blue hair.

I met Kayla on a Sunday evening. When I pulled up to our location, I was shocked to see Kayla and her Mom sitting in the car talking and laughing, her phone no where in sight. And when she saw me, she opened the door and walked straight up to me to shake my hand and offer a warm smile. I don't know how much time you spend around teenagers, but this is not typical teen behavior. Smiling and laughing with your Mom, making fast friends with someone you don't know...I was impressed.So here's the thing. Throughout my short few hours with Kayla, I got to know this girl, and more than that, I grew to admire her. Her biggest goal this summer? To dye her hair blue. I have a soft spot for crazy haired girls. In a few of these photos you'll see her explaining her role in a one act play. She is unique and strong. She has guts and convictions. And if you're thinking you can't get to know all of that about a person in just a few hours, then you've never been on the other side of my camera.Kayla, this life is long if we're lucky. And I think you're onto something big. Keep laughing with your Mom and putting that cell phone away. You're on the right track."Things are not always what they seem in this place, so you can't take anything for granted."

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McKenzie | senior 2014

It seems like I've known McKenzie since she was teeny tiny and jumping on a trampoline. I watched her run around with her little sister, owning her wise beautiful eyes from a young age.Now McKenzie is a grown and beautiful young lady. Laughing with her entire tall slender frame, so excited to get into her future. Don't take these last months for granted sweet girl! Soak up all this time in your house with your family and with your friends. Everything changes in a few months! We are so excited for you.-jadeEaker-11

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