dawson & kirsten are engaged OR a hidden swing where their life together started

"Home is where we're together, no matter where we are. As long as we're together." This is something both Kirsten and Dawson have said to us, separately.And can't you see it? They really are looking for home in each other: the ultimate comfort. In the way they hold each other and Dawson can't take his eyes off of Kirsten, except to roll his eyes at her. And Kirsten seems to always knock Dawson's glasses crooked when she hugs him. God I love little details like that.These guys took us on an adventure in our town, and we're so happy we could see the white swing where their story began. Ask them about it sometime and see if they'll tell you about it. It's pretty great. D&K-1D&K-2D&K-3D&K-4D&K-5D&K-6D&K-7D&K-8D&K-9D&K-10D&K-11D&K-12D&K-13D&K-14D&K-15D&K-16D&K-17D&K-19D&K-20D&K-21D&K-22D&K-23D&K-24D&K-25D&K-26D&K-18D&K-27D&K-28D&K-29D&K-30D&K-42D&K-31D&K-32D&K-33D&K-34D&K-35D&K-36D&K-37D&K-38D&K-39D&K-40D&K-41

a waterfall engagement OR shananny & tim are getting married saturday!

This Saturday our kiddos are going to be a flower girl and a ring bearer for two of their favorite people in the world. Shannon is family to us. She was a nanny for us for two years, and they were some of the best two years of my kid's lives so far. Tim is a guy who everyone likes immediately. The first time I really got to know him was one summer when we got to see him quite a bit, and by the end of the summer I was trying to talk my best friend into marrying him, even though he was quite a bit younger than her. I kept asking Kyle, "How do we keep Tim in our lives forever?"In the next few years Shannon came to be one of our favorite people as she was just the most committed and devoted nanny you've ever seen. She loved us and our kids selflessly...still does...and she had her eye on Tim. We could not have hand picked a better girl for him. It took some time, but they finally got together. They were long distance for a while, and it was fairly normal for our daughter to tell me she talked to Tim on FaceTime with Shannon last night. The long distance was tough and had it's ups and downs, but they made it work. About a year or so later, he asked us to be present at their engagement at one of their favorite places.And this Saturday, Kyle will be performing their marriage ceremony while I photograph it, and cry (hopefully quietly) maybe more than I ever have behind the camera so far.We love, love, love these guys. ST-3 ,,,,,x><